Medical Updates



Last Updated – 3/1/2011

  • Dad is recovering at home in Des Moines IA
  • Physically he has recovered most of the way
  • His speech continues to be the most difficult thing
  • He can speak fine but being able to put thoughts together to be able to preach is difficult
  • Typing on a keyboard is also difficult
  • Emotionally sometimes it is hard for him and he suffers from mild depression.

If you have question about his care please just ask and we will try to update the answer here.

Please use this blog as your source of information for Stuart’s condition, and encourage others to do so.

God is  in control!!!



4 Responses to Medical Updates

  1. Linda Russell says:

    Our kids, John and Lisa Racine, asked us to pray earnestly concerning Your physical and spiritual needs. We’ll keep praying for all of you.

  2. Jerry Allen says:

    You are all in our constant daily prayers. What a wonderful Lord we have. He will see you all through this horrific and trying situation. It is wonderful to be kept in touch with you via this Blog. I have never used a blog before, but this is very comforting and encouraging to know first hand and nearly in real time what is going on. Keep up the good work. I showed this to the Saint Helens Church during our Wed. Night Prayer Time. Lance and Suzie’s song really tells the story. The Church here in St. Helens have been praying for Stuart and all of you since the beginning, and I just wanted you to know that we are here monitoring this blog as I’m sure many others are. We are all keeping Stuart, the family, the medical staff, and the dear Saints in Nikopol and Minsk in our prayers. How comforting to know that we have a caring, loving Father who listens to our prayers and petitons. Who else could we go to?

    in Christian Love,

    Jerry and Doris Allen Family

  3. Larry. says:

    We, all peaceful men of good will from Nikopol, Ukraine, wish Merry Christmas to everybody in America and complete recovery from illness to Stuart, particularly.

  4. Pat Larsen says:

    This is Pat Ward Larsen. I am Valerie’s cousin. I have periodically checked to see the progress of Stuart. My Mom, Beverly Aldrich, has me check out the situation and give her updates as she does not have a computer. Stuart and Valerie you remain in our prayers. God is great and Stuart is an example of His great works. Love to all the family.
    Pat and Erik Larsen and Beverly Aldrich

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