There are currently two ways to support Stuart financially

1. Mail a check to the Russian Fund

Antwerp Church of Christ Russian Fund
PO Box 271
Grabill, IN 46741

Sam and Kay Steiner



Stuart and Valerie Merrill


2.  Give securely online via PayPal (click the DONATE button)

Note: A PayPal account is not required to donate

This account is overseen by the Elders of the College Park Church of Christ (Winchester, Virginia).  The money collected electronically will be sent to the Antwerp Church of Christ Russian Fund.

Quick summary of Monies currently owed.  (Update 2013… All Bills paid off!!)

~$0  Loan from individual  Paid off!! Originally $72,000.00

~$0 Hospital bill from Ireland Paid off! $25,000.00

~$0.00 Expenses incurred in Kieve on a credit card. $6,500.00 Paid!!

Total: $1150,000.00  Originally $115,000.00  Praise God!!

Amounts paid initially for flights that did not have to get paid back: $64,000 and $20,000

Total  $115,000.00 + $84,000.00 = $199,000.00

Money currently in the Russian fund:


Praise God for His provision and Blessings!!

Consider these Numbers:

2500(people) x $100 = $250,000

1000(people) x $100 = $100,000

50(Churches) x $2000 = $100,000

100(Churches) x $1000 = $100,000

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