Hello Again

From May 19, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,
I just thought that I would check in here since it has been a long, long time since I have done so.  I see that I wrote about what they thought was a seizure.  Actually, Stuart had another one while we were at the YMCA a couple of months later.  Since the doctor said it wasn’t necessary to go to the hospital we waited this one out, and it quickly resolved itself.  He was speaking and walking within 20 minutes or so.  Our family doctor thinks these were mini stroke activity or TIA’s which often occur after a major stroke.  Stuart is now on a medication that will hopefully prevent these.  It is now almost June and he hasn’t had another one.  We praise God for that.

Stuart is not going to speech or physical therapy anymore.  He does his own speech therapy by going to On With Life and helping out with the weekly chapel service there.  He prepares a small talk for this service every other week.  It is still difficult for him and a slow process.  His is improving in this area little by little.  He reads it aloud to me two or three times, and we make the necessary corrections.

Stuart is now being treated for sleep apnea which should make his thinking processes clearer.  The doctor overseeing him says he may even experience an improvement in his speech which would be a blessing.
Well, I need to run.  God be with you!
Stuart, Valerie and family

From May 26, 2010

After not writing for so long here I am again.  Right after I put the last update Stuart had an appointment with his eye doctor.  Stuart had lost his glasses with the prisms so needed to go in.  It was actually time for his yearly checkup.  He said that he thought his eyesight had gotten better.  Anyway, the doctor gave him a thorough exam only to find out that he no longer needs the prisms as he has gained back most of his vision he lost from the stroke.

The Lord just keeps blessing and blessing!  Now he can get a form from the DMV for the doctor to sign, and he will no longer have to use his glasses while driving.
So, I just wanted to share this with all of you who might still check here.  God bless and have a great day.
Love from us all,


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