First Public Speech

Dear Family and Friends,
We have already been home now for about a week and a half from our trip out East. We had a wonderful time with our family and friends and got to enjoy the peak of the foliage season.  The trip back went almost without a hitch.  We did have a minor breakdown when our fan belt went on us.  Pulling off for that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The mechanic checked our transmission fluid only to find that it was very low.  A hose was leaking it seems. Had we not realized that we could have lost our transmission. God was with us as we pulled off not far from a garage, and we were back on the road in 1 1/2 hours. Thanks to a gift from a dear lady in Harlan, Indiana 2/3 of the repair bill was covered.  God had us covered all the way.

Stuart was able to read a short speech I helped him prepare for our so Kaleb’s marriage vow renewal.  That went well for his first time speaking like that in public.  Many of our family members noticed an improvement in his speech.  However, maybe it was the coming back to normal everyday life that left Stuart a bit discouraged.  The other day he said he was depressed which came as a surprise to me.  He said he needs to get back to work.  We will have to find some tasks for him to do so he can feel more useful.  There are certainly plenty of things for him to do.  So, please continue to lift him up in your prayers.

Thank you again for your calls, letters and cards that still come in on occasion.  We appreciate your continued help.

May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving surrounded by your families and friends.  It will be nice to be here in Des Moines with 6 of our nine children and their families for this season.  We have so much to be thankful for.

Merrill's at Kaleb and Renee's renewal

Love in Christ,
Stuart, Valerie and family


2 Responses to First Public Speech

  1. Larry Jackson says:

    GOD is so Good!!! Stuart it’s great to see a photo of you and your family. I just want to say Thanks to you and your family for all the work you have Done and WILL continue to do for the LORD and His great Church.


    Only whats done for JESUS Last

    Your brother in Christ

  2. Lois Dailey says:

    Hi dear Friends,sounds like you are making progress. God is soo good. We pray often for you. I hope this little note finds you and happily serving God to the best of your ability. One thing we can all do is encourage SOMEONE along the way by a smile or some commendation. We love your commitment and service to God. Blessings, Charles & Lois

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