All done with flying colors!

Dear Family and Friends,
Well, Stuart is all through his procedure with flying colors.  The doctor said it went smoothly and without a hitch.  They checked before they started to be sure there were no clots and found everything clear. There were only small restrictions put on Stuart.  He couldn’t drive for one day, and he cannot do any heavy lifting for one month.   He is a bit hesitant to get started up at the YMCA for some reason.  I am sure it is OK for him to do his walking and swimming.  We did go for a bike ride yesterday which he wasn’t sure he should have done.  We will call the doctor tomorrow to double check about his activities.

Hopefully, things will be pretty much back to normal so we can take a trip back East in October.

Please remember Kaylona in your prayers.  On Tuesday the 1st she has all four of her wisdom teeth extracted by the dental surgeon.  Two of the teeth are bone impacted so pray that this goes smoothly and that her recovery isn’t too painful.

Also remember the church we are attending in your prayers.  This past week they fired the preacher of 36 years.  They sent a letter out to explain the reason for this.  We are not sure they told everything. There are some of us who may be looking for another place to attend once we see what is planned. For many of the long timers there this seemed to be quite a shock. Please remember Doug Reymen in your prayers who is the one they fired.  He seemed like a man who stood for what was right, but we really didn’t know him that well.

Thanks again for being our prayer warriors in lifting us up before our God who is every faithful.

Love from us all,
Stuart, Valerie, Adrian, Zachary and Kaylona


2 Responses to All done with flying colors!

  1. Lois Dailey says:

    Thank you for the latest update. So very happy Stuart’s surgery went well. We will pray for Kaylona’s oral surgery to go well – Keep the ice packs coming. We love all of you. Yes and we will pray for the Church group there as well. The Devil loves to get a toe hold! Love and Prayers for your encouragement. Lois

  2. Rich Merrill says:

    You are all in our continued prayers. Tell Uncle Stuart that I remember a guy that wasn’t afraid to tackle anything. Even cutting out the front of a van to put an engine in that wouldn’t fit any other way. We will be praying about you and the church there. Remember that only God knows the truth. Believe me that sometimes it is best that the “truth” never comes out to protect many people.

    God sorts all of that out pretty good. The devil loves to use things like this to put a toe hold as the other person put it. Don’t let it get you down. God knows exactly what is needed when. We are all human and just when we don’t think we will fall is when we will. It can happen to anyone I speak from experience. It is only by the grace of God and a couple of unbelievable friends that I am where I am now. The church will go on no matter how many sinners there are and mistakes that are made.

    Danika still asks how Uncle Stuart is doing. You will be in our continued thoughts.


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